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Court Reporting Baton Rouge

Court Reporting Baton Rouge

Court Reporting, Video Depositions & More in Baton Rouge

Are you partnering with a Baton Rouge court reporting firm for your legal needs? Or, do you have a last-minute deposition and need a court reporter ASAP?

Court reporting is a crucial aspect of your deposition. With more than 20 years of experience providing court reporting services in the Baton Rouge area, we’re available to assist you anywhere in the Baton Rouge area 24/7.

Available Anywhere for All Your Court Reporting Needs

From our years of experience, we know that every case and every deposition is different. You and your witnesses have unique needs, and we’re ready to meet them.

As a flexible, agile court reporting services firm, we’re able to meet you anywhere in the Greater Baton Rouge area for your deposition.

No request is off-limits for us. Additionally, if you need help securing a location for your deposition, we can help you with that as well. We have a network of locations that we regularly attend depositions at, and we can help you book a conference room in the Baton Rouge area for your upcoming deposition.

Offering Complete Legal Videography Services to Baton Rouge Law Firms

We know that sometimes you need your deposition video recorded. We can fill this need too.

Our legal videography services include providing you with a flash drive and/or electronically delivered with transcript synchronization. This means you can easily pinpoint a place from your deposition video in your deposition transcript, and vice versa.

Full-Service Court Reporting Agency for Baton Rouge

We’re proud to offer Baton Rouge law firms with a full ranger of court reporting services, which include:

  • Video Conferencing

We host video conference depositions on Zoom, allowing participants to attend from any location via computer or smartphone. Our staff is well-trained on both platforms and will set everything up for you. We will generate and provide Zoom links for you to send to participants.


  • Video Depositions

We have professional videographers on staff who are equipped to film your depositions, providing digital video electronically or via flash drive. Digital video with transcript synchronization available on request.


  • On-Time, Accurate Court Reporters for Depositions

We exemplify a high standard of professional reporting.

  • 24-Hour, Last-Minute Scheduling

Forgot to schedule a court reporter? Count on us to get a court reporter on the job.

  • Conference Rooms

We can reserve conference rooms in any city and provide a meeting space in our Madisonville office. Our worldwide network makes it easy for us to arrange everything for you.

  • Fast Transcript Turnaround

Our transcripts are completed in a timely manner. Expedited, Rush and Next-Day deliveries are never a problem.

  • Realtime

Our staff includes skilled Realtime reporters ready to serve you. Realtime provides immediate access to the transcript during the deposition which aids in faster summary and trial preparation.

  • Transcript Format and Delivery Options

Choose your transcript format preference such as PDF, TXT, RTF and others, and we’ll send through our email system or our secure delivery software.  Exhibits are also scanned in our system and hyperlinked to transcripts.  Exhibits can also be sent separately.

  • Easy Online Document Access

We are pleased to utilize ServiceLink and provide this feature to our customers. It is easy to use, extremely fast and simple to manage. Log in here.

  • Translators and Interpreters

We arrange expert foreign language translators and sign-language interpreters for simultaneous or consecutive service.

  • Transcription Services

We provide affordable transcription services that will meet every deadline.

Contact Us Today to Schedule a Baton Rouge Court Reporter

Whatever your need, we’re here to help. To schedule a Baton Rouge court reporter for your upcoming deposition, call our local office today at (225) 332-3040 or fill out our online contact form.